Are Rappers Afraid to Say Anything to Suge Knight for Having Open Communications with 6ix9ine?

Suge Knight, 6ix9ine Interview Story

#FreeSuge ……….

This is in no way shape or form mentioning Jim Jones or his camp, because Cam’ron already came out and said the Diplomats were one of the only camps not intimated by Mr. Knight.

However, there’s been several people speaking out against Wack 100, and deservingly so, for his history in the streets of Los Angeles and doing a business relationship with 6ix9ine.

We’re under the impression of how all parties involved went about the interview, which rubbed everybody the wrong way. However, during the conversation, 6ix9ine confirmed that he had been in contact with Suge Knight the entire time of his case.

While Tekashi was locked up, Snoop Dogg was one of the most vocal people about him deciding to cooperate with the United States government. Upon returning home from jail, we haven’t heard anything from the Long Beach rapper, as 6ix9ine went out of his way to subliminally send a message to him with the Suge Knight prison interview.

During the sit-down with Ak, 6ix9ine claimed that Snoop was the reason Suge Knight is still in jail, on an alleged restraining order. He went as far as to trying to call Suge Knight’s son and have him join the interview to open on the situation with Snoop.

For whatever reason, that entire story and headline that we mentioned on social media with Akademiks giving us a shoutout on twitter; hasn’t been discussed by anybody. With people moving to the west coast and claiming they’re the King of Los Angeles, this wasn’t happening when Mr. Marion Knight was still in the streets.

Now, would the industry be keeping this same energy they have for Wack 100 with Suge Knight?

Let us know in the comments what you think.

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