Suge Knight Readying Multiple TV Series & Movies in Prison Call with GDs Legend

Suge Knight Readying Multiple TV Series, Movies

#FreeSuge 🔴

Suge Knight readying multiple TV series, movies in a rare phone call from prison, as the LA moguls anticipated release with next decade. From the inside, Suge Knight has been using the time he was given in prison to get his story out to the public the best way possible.

This week, Suge had a rare phone call with JoJo Capone and spoke about his immediate future in entertainment. After being blackballed from music and boxing, Suge’s name still holds more weight than ever before and is looking to transition to TV and film.

There, he’ll be telling his real truths and clear up the controlled narrative that he was always the bad guy. Take a listen to Suge Knight teasing plans for the public.

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