EXCLUSIVE: The Infamous Story of Suge Knight Trying to Sign 6ix9ine to Death Row


In early 2018, Suge Knight quickly took notice of 6ix9ine’s movement. With long-time Harlem affiliates of New York with Shotti and the rest of Nine-Tr3yway in place (former associates of Makaveli); we weren’t shocked at any transactions behind-the-scenens. In that time, Tr3yway Entertainment was looking for major distribution with the right situation.

This led to Shotti even launching his own Death Row apparel, with clearance from Mr. Knight. Many believed that Tr3yway was doing this to pay homage to their west coast affiliates. However, business plans were about to happen, with things getting really serious.

During the spring of 2018, Shotti and Suge were planning an official joint-venture with Death Row Records and Tr3yway Ent. With Suge providing initial leverage muscle behind-the-scenes to possibly get 6ix9ine out of a management deal that wasn’t favorable to Shotti, things quickly went left when the camp found out they were being investigated by the FEDs.

The robbery in mid-town Manhattan of J. Prince’s Rap-a-Lot associate, also made things cloudy, since Suge has a long-standing relationship with the Houston imprint. With Tr3yway officially under investigation by the FEDs, Suge quickly stepped away from the situation, as you saw the immediate stoppage promotions for Death Row clothing.

That didn’t stop Mr. Knight from still giving Shotti advice on how to handle certain executives trying to under-cut them. Coincidentally, a few months later, major executives had plans of getting Tekashi out of his original deal, he agreed to a new major deal.

With his WME touring agency set up, 6ix9ine met with Elliot Grainge, almost exactly a month before the FBI raid. For those that remember, a shooting occurred after 6ix9ine left, which his name was mentioned by media. However, even with shots being fired in the middle of mid-town, that wasn’t even the most insane part.

After Shotti found out 6ix9ine had a meeting with major music executives, he hit Elliot Grainge in the head with a restaurant chair. We just felt that was something Big Suge would’ve done, if he felt an executive tried to undercut him for talent.

Considering Mr. Knight was able to relaunch his imprint, he didn’t have star talent to helm his label, which would’ve started with 6ix9ine after the apparel launch. We’re sure this will be one of the stories Tekashi mentions after his initial promo run in a few weeks, when he’s out before fall.

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