Symba Might’ve Saved Funk Flex’s Life with the Hot 97 2pac Freestyle

Sumba, Funk Flex Hot 97 Freestyle

the west been big mad mr. flex. . .

Sumba, Funk Flex Hot 97 Freestyle emerges, as the Bay Area rapper speaks out for the town’s hero ahead of his upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape. Disgruntled with the way his friend Biggie Smalls died 25 years ago, Funk Flex said a large elephant in the room that many people secretly want to say.

While this has been an unofficial home of 2pac in the online space, we understood the anger Funk Flex had at the time. Never getting to properly vent in public about his friend’s death, he unfortunately said some disrespectful things about the late great 2pac Shakur.

Since that time, we don’t think Funk Flex has been to California, as the Bay Area has always been the area that 2pac claimed. Those same good people of the Bay always had mutual admiration for 2pac and felt ultimately disrespected with the previous comments made by Flex. So, yesterday was the 26th anniversary of Pac’s passing, as Flex took a moment to apologize and humbly admit he was in the wrong for those words.

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