Swizz Beatz vs. Timbaland’s ‘Summer Jam 2018’ Battle

Part 2 of their battle coming later this year. . .

With Swizz Beatz co-headlining Summer Jam 2018, we were certain a few surprises would happen – but we didn’t expect this. In follow-up to his battle with Just Blaze, Swizzy wanted to create another historic moment for the culture as he brought out Timbaland for the latest Hot 97 beat battle.

While the two modern legends started things off with two new original beats, they would take a trip down memory lane for their past collection of hits. Before things ended, Swizz teased a part two, saying this session was just the prelude. Let us know in the comments what you think below.

Swizz Beatz VS Just Blaze 2017 Hot 97 Beat Battle


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