Taxstone Formally Indicted on Weapon Charges for Irving Plaza Shooting


A few weeks ago, Daryl ‘Taxstone’ Campbell was arrested by the NYPD, for alleged ownership and DNA on a gun that was discharged at the infamous Irving Plaza Shooting. Initially, the Brooklyn podcaster and entrepreneur was expecting to post a half-million bail; but we’re assuming the judge didn’t expect him to actually put up property and cover money so quickly.

His bail was later revoked, as he’s been in county jail since mid-January. However, this weekend, new reports have emerged regarding his status behind bars. A Manhattan federal grand jury has now found enough evidence to formally indict Tax for possessing an illegal 9-milimeter Kel-Tec semiautomatic handgun – which is the same gun that left one man dead and injured serval others.

The federal complaint revealed that he’s been taunting a mystery artist named as ‘individual 1’ with insults and threats saying, “I can protect myself as a man, so I’m not thinking about rolling with six goons . . That’s why I be telling people, you failed before you even think you won with me.

Because you thinking you walking up with six dudes is gonna do something to me. When I see you walking up with six dudes,bang-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba [making sound of gun rapidly firing].”

The indictment was handed down Thursday, as the Tax Season podcaster will continue to be held without bail, until this case gets resolved. If convicted, Tax faces a maximum sentence of 10 years for each of the two chargers (interstate weapon commerce and felony possession of a firearm).



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