Tay-K Found Guilty of Murder, Faces Up to 99 Years in Prison

We haven’t heard much from Tay-K since “The Race,” mostly because he’s been locked in prison awaiting trial on multiple charges. Today, a Tarrant County jury has found the 19-year old Texas native (real name Taymor Travon McIntyre) guilty of murder and aggravated robbery for an incident that occurred in 2016 during a home invasion.

The incident left one man injured and a 21-year old dead.

Tay-K faces five to 99 year in prison for each charge that he was convicted for at trial. At the start of trial, he pleaded guilty for two counts of aggravated robbery for other individuals also in the home.

Currently, Tay faces another aggravated robbery charge in Tarrant County and capital murder charge in Bexar County. Both of these charges happened after he cut off his ankle monitor when he was arrested in the first murder.

To add to the list, Tay-K is also being accused of robbing and killing a man in San Antonio, and robbing a 65-year old man in Arlington. Both incidents happened in 2017, in April and May, respectively. He was captured in June of the same year after a nationwide hunt for those crimes.

During this time is when “The Race” blew up.

In short, the 99 years he faces for this is only part of the sentence he’ll finish getting when he goes to court and jury delivers the verdicts for the other crimes he’s been accused of and awaits trial for.


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