That Time 50 Cent Was Willing to Squash Beef with Murder Inc But Ja Rule & Irv Gotti Said No

RIP Chris Lighty. . .

Months after Chris Lighty sadly passed away in 2012, 50 Cent made peace with Fat Joe, shocking most of the streets and the entertainment industry. If there was one person Kanan would actually listen to outside of his G-Unit circle, it was Mr. Lighty. So much, that him and Fat Joe have built a good relationship in recent years, after their serious tension from the past.

Out of respect for Lighty, who managed Ja Rule as well, Joey Crack tried to make things right between the Southside and Hollis camps. Shockingly, 50 was ready to squash their rift for the legacy of Mr. Lighty through a story told by Joey, but Murder Inc. sadly said no go.

Take a look at the revelation below.

35:25 mark

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