EXCLUSIVE: The 6ix9ine vs. Jim Jones Situation Explained Before Tekashi Breaks Silence

6ix9ine vs. Jimmy

Dating back to early 2017, former Nine-Trey Bloods Triple OG, Snow Billy had plans of entering the music game with friends of his set. Through help with Shotti and Mel Murda, 6ix9ine got protection from Billy and his former friends around Bed-Stuy.

Jim Jones, who built Byrd Gang Records in the 2000s with help from Max B, Stack Bundles and Mel Matrix; always had respect in the streets from those around the Brooklyn neighborhood. So much, that Shotti was asking him for management advice when he came into the game with Tekashi in late 2017. Jimmy was asked to stand on the front-line and provide security for 6ix9ine during the initial days. However, Jones left the dangerous street life behind in his rear-view mirror; and watched their movie like the rest of us from a far.

To be blunt, Jim Jones never embraced 6ix9ine, who he felt was portraying something he took heat for his entire music career – before everybody thought it was cool. While Tekashi got initial hate from the industry for his rainbow hair, Jimmy had no problem with his appearance. However, it was the way how Tekashi carried himself in the public after fame, is why Jim was smart enough to avoid being linked to them.

That and not having a childhood, where he was part of that lifestyle, is why Jones looked down on him. That’s not to say Tekashi wasn’t calling shots and moving how the way he was moving; but Jimmy had too much pride in his way of coming up to stay around for the carnival. This dates back to immediate family members, best friends and cousins all having run-ins with the law – then having to serve real sentences.

Now, after 6ix9ine went to the Breakfast Club, Jimmy was heard on a wire-tap saying they had to ‘super violate’ 6ix9ine. What the FEDs knew and the general public didn’t know, is that super-violate (NYC slang) meant embarrass him. They planned on slapping him up on camera and posting it on social media. Tr3yway never planned on killing 6ix9ine and still don’t, which the world will find out at a later date. Months later, 6ix9ine trolled Jim Jones from the federal stand, calling him a retired rapper.

While Tekashi is yet to address that statement, we felt it was important to break down why Jimmy never stuck around 6ix9ine, since he ran with some of his best friends. Capo had honor in protecting the identity of the set he ran with during his teenage and young adult life. So, seeing 6ix9ine bring it to the forefront and middle-america wasn’t what Capo wanted, especially if that wasn’t Tekashi’s audience.

Due to being friends with those incarcerated and 6ix9ine having United States government protection, Capo has smartly had to tread lightly on addressing the situation. What was told to us, is this will be one of the situations 6ix9ine addresses in a few weeks, as well as being the last person that was willing to co-operate with the federal government.

Yes, out of everybody that got arrested, Tekashi was the last person to flip. The FEDs had no use for him and wanted other individuals that were under investigation since 2013, that they had clear cut evidence on through information, CIA Kris.

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