The Never-Before-Seen Picture & Story w/ 2pac & Jay-Z

Legend, westside!

While 2pac and Jay-Z never collaborated, the two were in the same room in the mid-90s. Before Pac was set up for a fake rape case, shot in NYC by informants and then later assassinated by people in charge; he was in Manhattan at an event. Jay-Z happened to be there and wanted to briefly introduce himself. Unfortunately, Pac, who was always on the move, missed Jay by a few seconds, as the story is told in full below.

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DoItAll (@doitalldu) 1/3 of the group Lords Of The Underground, just confirmed that this is #JayZ in this picture in the top left corner. Everyone that was commenting on this picture yesterday when I posted it. And leaving comments talking spicy saying this wasn’t #JayZ needs to apologize. I tried to tell y’all this was #JayZ Here’s the story behind the picture. #2pac on November 1, 1994 in New York City at the Country Club at Lords Of The Underground’s album release party for “Keepers Of The Funk” #JayZ tried to introduce himself to #2Pac. But #2Pac didn’t have the time to meet #JayZ. #JayZ wanted to introduce himself to #2Pac and tell him that he was #BiggieSmalls friend. But #2Pac didn’t have the time and curved him. #JayZ claims he never met #2Pac which is true. He tried to meet #2Pac but #2Pac didn’t have the time. Shoutout to @thelaunchmag with the drop.

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“We need protection too” @draviess

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