EXPOSED: The Reason 6ix9ine Wasn’t Released after Our Worldwide Story, Calling Out More Snitches & Names in Media

First off. . .

“Niggas was fucking 6ix9ine baby mama and were about to kill him, what you expect him to do.” Shut the fuck up, he was recording himself with rappers baby moms shopping and hiring people to shoot at niggas on camera, provided in documents by the US Government.

All is fair in crime and the streets. You used the bloods to get popular in the states. Should’ve handled that situation internally, without bringing outsiders in that you have to answer to the rest of your life.

So, last weekend, I broke the worldwide news, that 6ix9ine was being released from prison in 72 hours. That was supposed to happen until this site garnered some of its highest traffic of the year, for the incarcerated rapper. Prior to this, we were told directly, by his major label, to get ready for his upcoming roll-out in the next few weeks; as those same sentiments were told by The Breakfast Club and Hot 97 days later.

However, Judge Engelmayer had a change of heart in the 71st hour and slapped 6ix9ine with additional months in his safe house. Yeah, for those of you who don’t know, Tekashi hasn’t been in jail and has been living in a safe house for months, for his protection with the United States government.

While the general public thinks he’s in a cell doing nothing; he’s been in hiding playing PlayStation 4, enjoying private life and communicating with his closest friends. So, during the final court appearance, the U.S. Government and the DA both agreed that he would be getting time served for an immediate release. Unfortunately, the news we broke and some idiot lawyer chasing clout, put an end to Danny Hernandez coming home on Wednesday.

The Judge even admitting to watching 6ix9ine’s story and our 72-hour story play out on social media; which is the first time in history that this has happened. Why would a judge actually be on social media watching Tr3yway, as a fan. He even, allegedly, laughed (with the courtroom) at times last fall, when Tekashi was trolling his former friends from the stand.

Due to the Judge not wanting to make his courtroom a further mockery, alongside the DA and United States Government, this changed everything. This would’ve embarrassed Engelmayer for both sides to extort Tekashi after he’s released with charges dropped like we previously said.

After witnessing Tekashi LIE ON BOTH HARV AND NUKE on the stand, who are innocent; this courtroom lost much of its credibility for even entertaining this nonsense of a guy trying to save himself.

You might as well let 6ix9ine come home now, because even more is going to be exposed by him when he’s released from the safe house and those in his camp. The Judge actually wanted to give more time, like Bobby Shmurda and GS9 received back in 2015. However, there’s some powerful people behind the entire 6ix9ine brand that want him released, so they can recoup money and send him on tour later next year. These are the same dangerous quiet people in charge around the universe, that even told us he was getting out.

We were impressed that the Judge knew this entire case, front to back, including bringing up other incidents that happened before the 2-year sentence. We do know, that the Judge was shocked that both the DA and United States Government had agreed to a deal and didn’t expect both sides to work together so closely.

As this dirty case continued, 6ix9ine signed paperwork to still work for the United States Government as a Federal Informant after his release. This led to him avoiding the 47-year sentence like we mentioned previously; however, this new extortion by the FEDs is worse than his original situation.

After shooting Snow Billy in the head with 🦇, who received the most time out of everybody; he was better off being robbed by Tr3yway. Because, this government situation is way worse having to answer to them, when he doesn’t want to. They intend to bring down more black-ran organizations generating clean money. The FEDS and Gov’t are legit laughing at 6ix9ine’s agreement to work for them after his release. This has never happened in the history of hip-hop, with an artist of this magnitude, publicly working for them.

We will say this, out of everybody in the entire Tr3yway case, Tekashi was the last person to cooperate; whether anybody will admit it or not. It was interesting in Engelmayer’s statements, confirming that Tekashi helped bring down a total of six people, in which it was previously reported that he only took down four.

With his biological dad showing up to court, (the same one he lied about getting killed when he was kid); 6ix9ine was brought to tears in the courtroom. That led to an unusual recess situation, after a victim, the US Government and DA all made statements. The Judge tried to preserve his courtroom and sweep this entire situation under the rug with sentencing press (THE REAL STORY).

Message to 6ix9ine:

When 6ix9ine comes home, he expects to receive protection now from the Crips. They were cool with some DJ from their borough, turned snitch, ALLEGEDLY, that gets robbed for his laptops every other weekend. You still have beef on the entire west coast now. This includes: LA Crips, Crips, Pirus, Bloods, and the respectable Mexicans out there that don’t like you.

In New York, the Trinis still have issues with you after dissing them with that Bronx bodega situation with the kid (his name doesn’t need to be mentioned out of respect for the family). You were better off with Shotti extorting you, for your own protection.

The government is only going to use you until they can’t anymore, same with the record label. They will not care about your well being when everything is over, so you should be more concerned with them and your inner circle.

You’re worth more money dead, than alive. I’ve seen this story a million times.

Why this ties so close to OnSMASH and our history of not snitching:

The short version: A long-time ago, before music services took over the motherfucking crack block like Marlo from the Wire; OnSMASH was one of the most popular sites in the history of urban media (still the best to us, fuck these other niggas).

However, this site was RAIDED BY I.C.E. and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, being illegally held hostage for four years. The honorable site owner fought behind the scenes and stood tall without agreeing to cooperate with anyone.

A deal was even brought to our attention to bring down other sites, in exchange for the original OnSMASH site to come back; but that proposal was turned down and never thought of again. He waited and got honorable press by our friends at The New York Times a few Christmas holidays back.

This is still an independently ran site, without being told what to post. We don’t suck dick to get cool with ya’ll favorite rappers (or work with the FEDs), who fucked with us from the beginning (DMX, 50 Cent, G.O.O.D., Kid Cudi, TDE, Taylor Gang, MMG, OVO, Jet Life, Mac Miller, A$AP MOB etc.)

So, we take snitching very seriously over here and people going out of their way to cooperate with the federal government. WE DON’T BEND, WE DON’T BREAK, IT’S FUCKING ONSMASH.

Calling Out Names Pt. 1:

• DJ Akademiks 🏁

This is the only site that has never posted a negative article about or covered anything with people threatening you. Also, this is the only platform that also respects you. Hell, we’ve even covered your music and its videos. So, seeing you try to discredit us, because a story was not broken by you about your little best friend, shocked me the most.

We’re under the same network, so instead of going to twitter to through subliminal messages saying “fake news,” wasn’t needed, you could’ve just DM’d us DJ Mr. Ak.

We don’t go out of our way to promote the way Nipsey and the rest of them crip niggas had ya’ll all scared when they came to NYC last year. Or why you been quiet all year during the entire Tr3yway case. Or all the mothers, sisters, aunts and children of those deceased kids in Chicago that still want your head for the War in ChiRaq. Look in the mirror, long and hard.

• Ashley 22

Who the fuck are you, and where did you come from you plant? Nah, I mean, like, who the fuck are you. Prior to two years ago, nobody ever heard of you, but then you magically started popping up in everyone’s suggested videos and became popular. You use to be a member on our forums, don’t think I don’t know nigga.

You surprised me as well, saying that the story was fake, without even asking us about information we gave away for free. You seemed salty as well, for a story that wasn’t broken on your platform, but why? Is 20 million views a month on your YouTube channel not enough for you? As your current business partner would say, “How can a man, who doesn’t know how to dance, have style or contributed to anything in the past history with hip-hop, tell me what’s hot.”

• dickheadsforworkers:

Last, but not least, the lawyer, who was angered by us highlighting his video as a supporter. Whether you know it or not, we were told YOUR VIDEO IS WHY THE JUDGE DIDN’T RELEASE 6IX9INE. I loved how you were bold enough to call us out by site name, but you don’t know who you’re dealing with (it’s a reason we beat a FED CASE, dickhead).

You don’t contribute to anything in hip-hop, where you gain your most clout from on social media; covering stories for incarcerated rappers – you vulture. I only added your clip, initially, as a placeholder for the post, to have an outsider talking on the situation. Nothing from your one-minute clip was mentioned in my article last weekend, you goofy.

Your video wasn’t needed shithead, nor will be ever needed, again. After 6ix9ine and Kodak Black are released, you will have no more major rappers to leech off of. Without rappers being illegally arrested, your page won’t be shit. Go cover real crimes, from real criminals of your own culture.

Who sent that video to TMZ? Who was always behind him recording?

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