This is Why Eminem is Frustrated with ‘Mumble Rap’

‘Revival’ out next Friday!

After weeks of mysterious teases with Paul Rosenberg, Eminem finally started the campaign for his upcoming ninth studio album Revival. Friday afternoon, the legendary mid-west rapper dropped the project’s first single, Walk on Water,” which features Beyoncé. Shortly after the single’s release, excerpts from a recent conversation with Marshall and Rick Rubin emerged through the debut episode of the producer’s new Broken Record podcast with author Malcom Gladwell.

In the brief 10-minute clip, Em touched on his artist progression for over 20 years; including having to ignore public opinion – which will show in pending project out next Friday. However, without directly saying it, Rubin cited how Em is currently having an issue with the rise of mumble rap.

Slim Shady seemed frustrated about the direction of music and feels like content isn’t being perfectly done anymore. Em went to share his experience with listening to 2pac, revealing the late rapper always knew the right words, to say on the right cords. Take a listen to the interview below, where Rick opens up on playing the single for JAY-Z, receiving a co-sign from the Queen and much more.

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