Tony Yayo Says Jimmy Henchman’s Gun Jammed Trying to Kill G-Unit at 50 Cent Music Video Shoot

Tony Yayo Says Jimmy Henchman Gun Jammed G-Unit Shooting

Yayo shares a rare story about Mr. Henchman

Tony Yayo says Jimmy Henchman gun jammed G-Unit shooting, as this rare story is mentioned for the first time ever by this Southside native. In a story that most have never heard about, paperwork surfaced through a case Jimmy Henchman was in, revealing some bizarre information.

In the report, Yayo spoke about the public paperwork, where someone part of the attempted murder’s gun went off in a car and jammed. That stopped a situation from being taken too far with multiple people being injured on both sides, as the alleged plot was called off.

Tony Yayo went on to explain that G-Unit didn’t even know about the attempt on their lives until years later, when it was mentioned in court by someone that decided to flip on Mr. Henchman.

Below, you can take a look at the media from Tony Yayo’s sit-down on Vlad TV.

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