Tory Lanez Says Rap Is in a Horrible Place Right Now

With his Chixtape 5 album out and making its round in the streets and online, Tory Lanez is doing his promo around various outlets right now. Though he’s on his R&B shit on there, he was on Ebro In the Morning to speak on the current state of the game.

First thing is first, he speaks on how the new album came together, from the sample clearances and his journey to the fifth installment of the project.

He then moves on to how rap is in a horrible place because everything sounds repetitive. He argues that everyone has the same hi hats, patterns, flows, melodies and more and nobody is innovative. He credits Young Thug for 75% of the style in rap that’s out right now.

You can watch the interview above (the segment starts at 10:30).

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