Tory Lanez – What Happened to the Kids

Artist: Tory Lanez
Song: “What Happened To the Kids”
Producer: N/A
Album: TBD
Director: MidJordan, Mokablu

It’s a question that has merit and Tory Lanez is certainly wanting to find out “What Happened To the Kids” in his latest single. Leaving the singing behind and focusing on the raps, Tory gets on his hip-hop shit and tells a story of how things can escalate in the streets and innocent lives are lost. In the video, a group of dudes flex on Instagram Live, taunting rivals that they’re in their neighborhood, calling them out online. In a two-part ending, in one, they group of boys handles the situation with guns. In the second, the OG comes out and tells them not to do it.

There’s a message at the end too. Pay attention.

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