Tr3yway Shotti Addresses 6ix9ine after Prison Sentencing, Responds to Snitching Claims


With Shotti being sentenced to 15 years in prison a few days ago, he spoke about his current situation. While it’s expected that he’ll be released in 2030, the Tr3yway rep revealed he was surprisingly in good spirits – physically and mentally.

Although most of the industry have turned their back on him, due to serious charges, he revealed a few (that he could), when he kept it one hundred. With 6ix9ine due in court next week to allegedly testify, Shotti wanted to address a few rumors that have been lingering – including robbing him from money and an affair with Sara.

He opted to not discuss the alleged super-violate phone call, which led to the Federal Government intervening them with an arrest.

Take a look at the full conversation below.

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