Tr3yway Shotti Now Facing Life in Prison after Video Emerges

This is very sad. . .

For whatever reason, there’s been a story reported about Kifano ‘Shotti’ Jordan’s sister calling him the next Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. However, what’s not been documented is that the Brooklyn mogul is now facing life in prison.

According to The Blast, Shotti’s legal team are asking their judge to be lenient on his sentencing this month; which is being reported that he’ll spend a minimum of 15 years behind bars.

After pleading guilty over the summer to firearms and drug charges, he avoided much serious racketeering charges that member of the nine-trey bloods and crip affiliates were under investigation for.

In recent months, Shotti believed he would be getting out in 2030, after copping out to a plea deal; but the judges aren’t budging.

So, with the minimum of 15 years set up, the maximum of life in prison is in place, with his team fearing a lengthy sentence that will have him away from society for multiple decades.

While 6ix9ine is yet to say anything publicly, he’s due in court in two weeks; where he’ll testify on hiring two former co-defendants to murder a man that kidnapped him last summer.

Look for more news on this story to develop this month.

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