Trina Clears Up Nicki Minaj “BAPS” Video Controversy

Earlier this week, Rockstarr Music Group A&R Reginald Saunders called out Nicki Minaj for refusing to promote Trina’s new album or single “BAPS” with the Queen.

During her heated debate with Joe Budden, Trina caught stray shots for Saunders’ words, though she didn’t really touch on it or go in the way we’d expect.

Following a whole week of wondering what’s going on, Trina is breaking her silence and clearing up what’s going on from her side. As she put it in the 11-minute video on Instagram live, she says it’s a business deal that’s gone wrong and now it’s her time to fix it. She also said she spoke to Nicki for 45 minutes about the situation and there is no beef. Trina is taking full responsibility for what happened and nobody should talk for her because she’s her own person and can address things herself.

At the end of the day, as she put it, everyone on The One album helped her as favors and through relationships. She thanked everyone that was a part of it and says she will always keep it real with not only herself, but her fans.

Watch her whole explanation up top.

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