Troy Ave Arrested for Attempted Murder & Criminal Possession of a Weapon

A clearer look at the backstage incident

UPDATE 3: Troy Ave arrested for attempted murder & criminal possession of a weapon.

UPDATE 2: A new video has surfaced from inside the green room where the shooting took place. As you can see, people were crowded in a small area when shots rang out and folks were left scrambling out.

Chaos Backstage as Shots Ring Out

UPDATE 1: NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton also spoke on the incident, telling a radio station, “The crazy world of the so-called rap artists who are basically thugs that basically celebrate the violence they’ve lived all their lives.

Original Story

Wednesday night, rapper TIP was set to take over Irving Plaza in Manhattan, to give live performances of past hits and current material floating in the streets. What was meant to be a mid-week party with fans and a notable under-card of artists, quickly turned violent. Before the Atlanta rapper was scheduled to perform Manio and Uncle Murda were on the stage for their portion of the bill, when a gunman opened fire on three people inside the venue – killing one other person.

Among those hit was rapper Troy Ave, who was shot in the leg and still in hospital. The person who died after a shot to his chest, was one of the Brooklyn rapper’s very close associatesa 33-year-old-male named Banga. While, the gunman still hasn’t been identified or any real motive revealed for the shooting that sent the crowd of 1,000 into a frenzy, no arrests have been made.

At the moment, the NYPD is investigating security footage from inside and outside of the arena; but you can take a look at the immediate aftermath from the unfortunate situation below.

Various reports from social media and eyewitnesses on hand

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