Troy Ave – Dear Hater I Won [Album Stream]

Troy Ave ‘Dear Hater I Won’ Album


After all of the trials & tribulations, setbacks, and slander Troy Ave is back and better than ever. After being accused of murdering his friend and accidentally shooting himself, his name has finally been cleared in a public court. Troy Ave Fought for his Life, Fought For his Freedom, and now he fights for his career! The Hip Hop recording artist has announced his new album, ‘Dear Hater, I Won,’ in light of the Notorious Irving Plaza shooting that left him Troy Ave and other innocent people wounded & his Childhood friend Edgar Banga McPhatter, dead.

This follows Troy’s recent singles “Mad Bout,” ‘black Church,” ‘belly of the Beast,” and “Dear Hater, I won, This album promises to be Raw & Uncut. Troy is finally free to speak about that fatal night. the events leading up to and following it. The album is more of a Documentary on a traumatizing turmoil-fueled time in the artist’s Life. And to Quote 50 Cent “Pain makes the Best Music” The Production gives a Golden Era 90’s Hip Hop feel with a Melodic twist but Highly lyrical bars, Every Line ties into the previous one in some way. This is the type of album that anyone who appreciates Authentic Hip Hop will Call an “Instant Classic”

In a statement regarding his album, Troy said: “This album is for motivational use, I want and know people will become inspired by looking at my story and obstacles, I really shed blood sweat, and tears to make this album. And the crazy part is I didn’t make it for myself. I Made it for all the supporters that have been riding with Me. All The Naysayers that received and spread Misinformation. This project will Give hope to the hopeless.”

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