Troy Ave – More Money More Problems

Dope Boy Troy drops the title track from his recent street album.

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I was boutta post the new video but I got this 2 my booking email and felt it💯 so figured I’d share it wit y’all! (Swipe ⬅️) They say if u are the same person at 50 that u were at 20 then u didn’t Grow. Ian realize how many other people would be affected by a song I made in response to 1 person. A fan of mines hit me about some #GIGP$ they bought saying they wasn’t supporting me 4 a long time becuz I brought up Capital Steez in the BADA$$ record. They said they went to school wit him and knew him personally and felt a way. Everything I was taught about rap and the streets is that u gotta be ruthless wit ya enemies or opponents cause people take ya kindness or passiveness 4 weakness. I’ve heard 2pac go at Biggie and his Wife, I’ve heard Jay Z diss Nas baby moms in the worst way. I heard Styles P diss 50cents mother (RIP) the list goes on and that’s where I learned the art of rap battling. But times change and I’m not ignorant, so for example if u learned to be a racist from ya parents that don’t make it right. I seen some artist I thought was gangsta turn into clowns, 🍆 riders and Label prostitutes. So I guess like The Streets, a majority of this Rap Entertainment is a Myth. With that said from now on Anybody I got a problem with as far a music, ima keep it strictly towards them. Ion want no more problems I jus wanna get money so don’t push me. so let’s #SpreadLoveAndDestroyHate #RIPSteez #Realism #GODisGreatPaperStraight

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