Troy Ave Sets the Record Straight for People Calling Him a Snitch

Here’s what NuPac had to say

Earlier this week, Troy Ave revisited his White Christmas 5 mixtape, to share a music visual for “2 Legit 2 Quit.” Well, in the track, the Brooklyn native touched on the infamous Irving Plaza incident, which he’s been advised by lawyers to not discuss in public.

The rhymes read, “I’m only loyal to my fam, middle finger from the stand,” which immediately drew backlash in reference to those present during the death of his friend, Ronald McPhatter.

After responding to a few of those in the industry on his social media accounts; you can take a look Troy’s entire breakdown of the situation and a history lesson for those questioning his moves.

Most people put in a situation where they gotta fight 4 they life woulda layed down and died that night, but I'm a soldier of GOD and this #GODSPLAN I been thru all this fake news try 2 tear Troy Ave down shit b4 1. Remember they said I shot myself & killed my best friend? Summa u believed it! truth came out yea! #FakeNews 2. Remember they said I only sold 4000 records & called it a L when in reality I sold almost 9k INDEPENDENT in a week (this is B4 trumped up Streaming #'s) made 90k so on a 4k budget = 86,000 profit! 1 week, they said that was a L😏 yea #FakeNews 3. Remember they said i was wrong for saying Its better to be the dealer not the user and it ain't cool to abuse drugs? #Facto (we lost 2 many good peopele🙏🏾) now I see rappers everywhere Jackin dat😒 4. Remember when most of New York City was Suckin DOWN SOUTH ARTIST Dick Tryna sound like them. Surfing they wave instead of lettin them flourish with they own sound that they created? I came thru INDEPENDENT saying all y'all NY niggaz wack 4 that. I look and sound like NYC 4real then I put a dead city back on the map without Dick riding and without a Major Label. Haters called me Cocky and Arrogant & because of my honesty & naiveness baited me into certain quotes for (click bate) 5. Remember when they took a 1hour interview where I was talkin real shit to y'all and to hide my message they twisted my words and said I'm saying I'm 2PAC? so I made #NuPac & another quarter million💰 Moral of the Story U could believe wat u want say wat u want etc. ion care bout u crabs in a barrel or ya hood mentality that ain't gettin u nowhere in life. #Facto the other side is Documented in court saying "It's #TroyAve he's the Bad Guy" As for me U can't snitch on Video Tape, U can't snitch on self defense #FreeTroyAve I'm innocent #FukTheOtherSide and whoever Love em cause "IF U WOULDNT PRAY 4 ME, SPRAY 4 ME, OR PAY 4 ME, IT AINT SHIT U COULD SAY 2 ME" L❤️V 2 all my fans & supporters it's #WeAgainstTheWorld 4Life PS. ya boi always come out on top! I take lemons and make lemonade , "haters ain't got enough money or fingers to count me out" #Realism Now Ima go harder! Video: PRAY 4 ME Director @moviemakingmila & @vtapeken

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