Wack 100 Claims Big U Has LAPD Contract for Gang Activity Information in Alleged Paperwork Leak

Wack 100 Talks Big U LAPD Gang Activity Contract

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Wack 100 talks Big U LAPD gang activity contract, exposing alleged paperwork that has surfaced pertaining to the respected LA street legend. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the Wack 100 and Big U situation escalated to the public eye.

While Wack 100 hasn’t said anything threatening, things did come to a head, when Big U brought all the smoke towards the direction of his former associate. Now, in recent years, many from the outside were curious why the two stopped having communications and being seen together in public to help influence the youth on a straight path.

Well, bizarre information has been brought to light, as Wack 100 examines some developing information about Big U’s alleged contract with the LAPD to report any gang activity within Los Angeles.

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