Warm Brew – Let’s Get Paid

The Warm Brew crew are on a roll at the moment. In the past two weeks alone, the Cali group have dropped new music in the form of two tracks titled “Low Key” and “Mansion.” Now, they’re keeping up the momentum with another new song “Let’s Get Paid” on Red Bull Records, which is produced by Hippie Sabotage and all about making that dough.

“’Let’s Get Paid’ is something we’ve lived by for years,” says Warm Brew’s Serk. “Before we hit the stage, the 3 of us huddle up on some real team sh*t and say it. It’s like a rallying cry. Getting paid for us is much more than just stackin’ up some money, it’s the achievement of a goal, set out for years ago, by 3 young men who’ve earned everything every step of the way.”

Westside getting money!

OS REWIND: Warm Brew – Mansion (feat. G Perico)
OS REWIND: Warm Brew – Low Key


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