What’s Being Rumored on Cardi B’s Upcoming September Album

September 1st?

Last weekend, Cardi B took a brief break from watching her newborn daughter to tease fans she was gearing up for a fourth quarter release. The Bronx rapper previously announced she was trying to ready up her next album for September 1st. The effort would serve as a direct follow-up to April’s Invasion of Privacy album, which has gone to receive a platinum certification by the RIAA.

Well, after changing management teams to Quality Control’s Pee and Coach K (also former managers of Nicki Minaj), the Atlanta-based company is looking to aggressively move forward with this new project. We’re hearing that Cardi is locked with three certified bangers, which we’re sure her fellow hip-hop peers won’t be pleased to hear when her takeover happens.

It’s still unclear how many more tracks she has left, including major features; but look for her team and label to make a formal announcement in the coming days.

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