EXCLUSIVE: Why Swizz Beatz was the Most Important Producer in JAY-Z’s Career

Real Right Swizz never gets his flowers. . .

This is in no disrespect to Timbaland, Just Blaze, Puff Daddy, Pharrell, Kanye West, Hit-Boy, No-ID or anyone else that’s helped HOV.

Over the last few days, we’ve seen Swizz Beatz in the headlines, for controversy that we think he should never be around. Considering he’s one of the greatest producers and beatmakers in the culture of hip-hop, his name always gets left off the best producers (hello Shante?).

Known for being instrumental in the career of DMX with Dame Grease, what many failed to realize is that he played an even bigger role in helping JAY-Z. During the initial Roc-a-Fella days with Dame Dash and Biggs Burke, Jay did everything to make his sound organic and shy away from the norm with Reasonable Doubt.

However, his second album didn’t get mainstream attention, due to Puff Daddy making a commercial transition for Jigga with the masses. This led to Roc-a-Fella immediately going back to the drawing board and needed that one cross-over hit to get their foot in the door. We all knew it turned out to be the Annie-sample for his “Hard Knock Life” single on Volume Two.

While he had attention on his brand, Jay still had to get co-signs from the streets and the Ruff Ryders were on top of the game at the time. This led to Swizz crafting several of Jay’s biggest singles, that got him respect across the states.

Those included popular cuts like “Money Cash Hoes” and “Jigga My Nigga.” So, with the hood all in support of the movement from every state, this enabled Jay to eclipse any career dreams he had prior to the Life & Times album. Before social media and the current internet age we’re living in now, Jay’s buzz was strictly through word-of-mouth.

Behind-the-scenes, some were shocked that DMX didn’t intervene with Swizz giving Jay some of his best work. However, X was never one to hate on a friend and wanted to see Jay’s success like the rest of their peers.

Without Swizz and Ruff Ryders giving him the streets, at the peak of Hardcore East Rap, we’re not sure if Jigga would’ve got the same love he received across the country.

As always, respect to our affiliates of Dee, Waah and the entire Ruff Ryders, D-Block family.

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