Watch A Trailer for Wiz Khalifa’s Upcoming Apple Music Documentary

Many might see the success Wiz Khalifa has right now, but haven’t grasped the grind it took to get there for him. Thanks to Apple Music, we will see a new documentary from Cap, who will be dropping a five episode docuseries on April 17 titled Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam.

The series will focus on the most intimate aspects of Wiz’s life and as you can see from the trailer, will feature old school footage of his career when he was coming up as well interviews from those close to him. Will, Chevy Woods, his mom, and more will be speaking about what’s happened in the 10 years+ he’s been in the game.

In the trailer above, you can see some of his first shows, meet and greets where nobody attended and then performing in front of thousands.

The five episodes will drop on April 17 during Wiz’s set at Coachella.

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