Wiz Khalifa – FUCC2020 [Mixtape]

To end the year and start things off on a better page, Wiz Khalifa is putting up his middle fingers to the past. Thanks to a new mixtape titled FUCC2020, Wiz drops 24 tracks to ride out and smoke to. DJ DaddyKat put together the mix the old school way and most songs are new, but short in length.

Stream the project below and check out the tracklist under that.

01. Palm Trees
02. Tha One
03. 2 Seats
04. Cold One
05. Purpose
06. Feel So Good
07. Bag O Kush
08. Patience
09. Versace Ash Tray
10. Summer Nights
11. Lotta Food On My Plate
12. Picture
13. Bat Man Coupe
14. Make Paper
15. Taylor Gang Gangster
16. Accidentally
17. Say A Prayer
18. Choices
19. Dude Love
20. Break It Down
21. Clouds
22. Bomb Weed
23. Huh?
24. Roll One Smoke One

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