EXCLUSIVE: Wyclef Jean Explains His 2pac Beef in Rare Conversation, But Here’s What’s Missing

Wyclef Jean Talks 2pac Beef

EXCLUSIVE: The Alpo Martinez & 2pac Business Partnership that Never Happened

Wyclef Jean talks 2pac beef in public for the first time ever, opening up Pandora’s box on what the general public missed. This week, Wyclef Jean was a guest on Math Hoffa’s podcast, to discuss an upcoming major rap battle.

However, our guy Math had enough courage to bring up something no publications mention, which is the root of his beef with 2pac. When asked about the Pac static, Wyclef cited that his friendship and affiliations with Haitian Jack and Jimmy Henchman were the reason for their issues.

While that may be true, Wyclef went out of his way, with Lauryn Hill, to diss 2pac all throughout their 1996 album, The Score. Their popular single, Cowboys, was entirely aimed at 2pac, which the masses may have not caught on to at the time.

The one-person 2pac knew that never talked about him on The Score and had previous friendship with, was Pas. This beef never escalated in public, which we felt was more serious than any rap issues with Bad Boy and Mobb Deep.

Unfortunately, the 2pac diss tracks were never given an authorized release and leaked after the original illegal shutdown of Death Row Records.

Take a look at the media below.

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