Young Dolph – Believe Me

Artist: Young Dolph
Song: “Believe Me”
Album: Thinking Out Loud
Director: Jordan Spencer

Young Dolph is getting ready to release his new album Thinking Out Loud this Friday. After dropping off “While U Here” earlier this week, he’s back with a video for his new song “Believe Me,” which finds him rapping from the hospital bed and spending time with his kids.

“It’s a personal ass song about what I’m dealing with, my inner life, feelings, about close friendships disintegrating over some bullshit,” Dolph says. “You can hear it in the second verse, the song is about family and morals. You either get life or you don’t. When I was recording the song, I knew I had to have my kids in the video, the only difference is that I shot it in California instead of Memphis or Atlanta. This has nothing to do with the shooting.”

OS REWIND: Young Dolph – While U Here


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