Young Dolph – KING [Documentary]

One person whose stock has risen over the course of the past year has been Young Dolph. Not only has he became one of the most buzzing rappers coming out of Memphis, but he’s been involved in some high profile beefs and escaped death on a trip to North Carolina.

These are some of the topics that are explored in his new KING documentary.

Among those who appear include family friend Miss Tammy, his aunt Miss Lo, his father Adolph Thornton Sr., Daddyo (his friend and business partner, Gucci Mane and Memphis DJ, DJ Rocksteddy.

From heading back his childhood home in Castalia in South Memphis to speaking to those close to him, there’s a lot to be learned from Dolph’s life and this documentary will open your eyes to where he came from and how far he’s come. He also visits his grandmother’s grave and talks about what she meant to him and his life.

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