Young Thug Makes Eye-Raising Comments about André 3000, Talks Rap vs. Dope Game Pressure

#SlimeLanguage out Black Friday 🅱️🅰️

Young Thug, TI discuss rap game, dope game comparisons in a rare conversation with Benny the Butcher. During the visit, Rapsody was on hand as well, as they even teased collaborative work. However, Thug went to discuss the transition with his music label, as he’s readying his long-awaited album, Slime Language 2.

The effort is rumored to be releasing this week on Black Friday, which will pilot the new career path he wants to touch in. From there, Thugga went to touch on why he’s making an immediate PUNK album, in follow-up to SL2.

However, what caught our attention was them drawing a serious comparison to the pressures of having success in the rap game vs. pressure comparisons. Watch more from the conversation below, where Thugga also makes some eye-raising comments about André 3000 and more.

Thug at 37-minute mark. . .

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