Young Thug Reportedly Caught on Wiretap Speaking Street Activity, Likely Multiple Years of Evidence

Young Thug, Wiretap RICO Charges

This is getting sad. . .

Young Thug, Wiretap RICO Charges explained, as the FEDs are looking to pin a boss on the YSL camp with this messy situation. With everything focused on the initial release of Young Thug, Gunna and the recent passing of Lil Keed, several situations are being overlooked.

This weekend, reports have begun to emerge through the 80-page RICO paperwork, that Young Thug was indeed being investigated for multiple years. According to the paperwork, Thugga is on wiretap discussing street activity, which we won’t be mentioning because it’s still an open case.

However, with credible people close to the situation speaking out, we thought we’d share intel directly from their mouths in the clip below.

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