Yung Joc Addresses Ridesharing Video Hate and How It’s A Teachable Moment

Over the weekend, a video surfaced online that showed Yung Joc driving for a ridesharing app in Atlanta called Pull Up N Go. The clip went viral and found him under ridicule, especially from the people he picked up, saying he “fell off.”

Today, he addressed the video and said it’s a teachable moment for the young kids, because you can never be too big to make an honest living.

Joc works for Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 and has been on Love & Hip Hop, so we’re not 100% that he’s fallen on tough times and doesn’t have much money. If anything, he was probably promoting the new app by driving people around, much like Lyft has done with their Undercover series.

Either way, he feels like people have been more mature about the incident since the clip went viral.

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