EXCLUSIVE: A Look into the Kobe Bryant & Jeanie Buss vs. LeBron James Backstage Drama

King of Kings. . .

Over the weekend, we broke the story that Kobe Bryant had allegedly convinced Kawhi Leonard to join the Los Angeles Lakers. With today’s NBA Draft set to happen, the Lake Show are making moves to free up more cap room. While there’s been speculation that this could be to land Kemba Walker, Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving and other above-average players; this doesn’t happen UNLESS YOU’RE GOING AFTER THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA aka Kawhi Leonard.

Dating back to last year, LeBron James came to Los Angeles on the strength of Magic Johnson, who was at the time, president of basketball operations. However, he quickly realized that Magic was just a global ambassador for the team and had no real power (#FreeBBB).

After failing to get several key role players, this was exposed a few weeks ago by LaVar Ball, regarding Magic just being a face of the team. Things came to a head last spring, when Klutch Sports allegedly told Anthony Davis to demand a trade; and leaked out information on a possible deal that included Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram.

This caused friction in the locker-room, and essentially ended their season when players and King James gave up on the season. Following the debacle, information on the team contemplating a trade for LeBron James leaked; as some believed this was allegedly Jeannie Buss showing the King who had real authority of the team.

It got to the point where Jeannie allegedly held a conversation with Rich Paul and screamed at him about the AD news. Rich, allegedly, was adamant about the information not being from him, which was the last time we heard from Klutch Sports in Los Angeles. Prior to all of this, Kobe Bryant personally stepped, allegedly; as a roster adviser through his former agent and current general manager of the Lakers, Rob Pelinka.

Last year, when you all saw them sign Tyson Chandler, Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson, those were handpicked players from Kobe, who felt the team needed defense above all. With the team not improving, this caused an initial fallout with the The Mamba; and didn’t appreciate them not practicing when the season started.

So, when ya’ll saw the team running drills last summer after LeBron came, that the ONLY time they practiced, all season. Bron’s on-court work ethic (not training in the gym on the gram and rapping Lloyd Banks songs), was looked down upon and it showed later on in the season when they had no chemistry on either side of the court.

Now, the team wants Anthony Davis to waive his $4 million trade bonus, which could enable them to land Kawhi in a clean max deal. However, Bron’s ego is so high at the moment, allegedly, that he’d rather try and win with Anthony Davis – just so he doesn’t take a backseat to Kawhi Leonard.

Since no. 2 can fit on any system and any team, he’d be able to average 20-plus points a game and still have the biggest impact. Kawhi bringing a championship to Toronto, changed the best player debate and legacies down the line.

Kobe and Jeanie will still get the Klaw this free agency, as they’ve made it privately clear that they want to build the team around Kawhi ONLY. So, regardless if Bron stays or not isn’t in their concern, because they have a player who’s not afraid of the pressure and always delivers in the clutch.

After the Leonard deal gets done, we expect them to fill out the roster with role players like Terrence Ross, JJ Reddick and others to one-year deals over the luxury tax.

Let us know in the comments if you’d rather build the team, Kawhi or Bron.

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