Adam Silver Opens Up About NBA Hiatus & Return, Coronavirus Criticism

The NBA season is still on hold due to coronavirus and commissioner Adam Silver is working around the clock to bring basketball back. In a recent conversation with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols for The Jump, Silver opened up about a myriad of topics.

First thing’s first, he spoke on when the league could return soon in some capacity, even if it’s not in season play. Silver suggested maybe they can get a group of players to play for charity or exhibition, just to bring basketball to fans who are in dire need of it during these trying times.

The NBA commissioner also spoke on the criticism the league has endured over players getting tested so quickly, compared to the general public. These concerns are coming from New York city mayor Bill de Blasio, as well as other fountains.

He said there were safety precautions they are taking to keep the league and fans safe.

You can watch this and much more in the interview above and get the latest info about the NBA and the next steps in the videos above.

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