Adam Silver Reveals the NBA Jerseys of the Future

It looks like we’re in the future when it comes to NBA jerseys because over the weekend, NBA commissioner Adam Silver revealed some cool shit for fans.

Live from the NBA All-Star Technology Summit, Silver said fans will be able to gain entry to games via facial recognition in the future, the NBA will be bringing hologram mascots to the mix and more personalized game experiences.

He also demonstrated the future of jerseys, which will carry smart cloth that you will be able to change the name and number to through an app. He called it the “smart jersey of the future” and showed how the back of the jersey switched from a Kemba Walker model to Steph Curry to Michael Jordan. It looked pretty wild.

Of course, details about the technology or how much it’s going to be has surfaced yet but we are curious to see this go down. Especially when players get traded or leave our favorite teams. This might change the game.

Watch the demo below.

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