Why Amazon’s NFL Thursday Night Football Will be the Best TV Sports Experience

2022 season. . .

Amazon NFL Thursday Night Football Best Sports Experience from home, as the retailer giant gets ready to kick off earlier than expected. This week, Sports on Prime Video confirmed that the NFL would be arriving on Amazon a year sooner. Initially, 2023 was the first season that Thursday Night Football would be arriving to platform. However, those plans have been shifted up to next year in 2022.

The 11-year agreement is set to see Prime Video carry 15 games every season, which will last until 2032. Unless you’re watching on the streaming service, local broadcast affiliates will be the only way to see games if your local team isn’t playing. Last year, we get our first glimpse at Amazon, as they streamed the Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers.

Now, the reason we’re most excited for Amazon NFL games, is because they’ll all be streaming in 4K. Not even ESPN, FOX, CBS or NBC has games in 4K yet, which for OLED owners like ourselves looks downgraded watching anything in 1080p. Last year, the Cards vs. 49ers game was arguably the best experience we’ve seen for any sports title (with the exception of the NBA on PlayStation VR).

So, with the NFL jumping to 4K on Amazon, this will likely force other major platforms to finally invest in the upgrades through digital transmission. We’ll be very vocal on this as well, when it launches in a year, for the fall 2022 season.

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