An Insider’s Look at the Kevin Durant & Demarcus Cousins’ Injury Situation with Golden State

Last game with Golden State?

For whatever reason, the Golden State Warriors and the NBA have been taking an optimistic approach on Kevin Durant returning to the team. Much like LeBron’s secret injury earlier this year, that kept him out almost three months, Kevin is set to have an extended rest.

Two weeks ago, Kevin Durant went down with a mild strain on his right calf. While many were believing the injury was a tear of his Achilles tendon, Durant is yet to have surgery – which would’ve been required for that particular injury. However, we’ve heard that KD is likely to miss the remainder of the playoffs for rest.

His calf had a slight tear and he hasn’t been able to walk in 10 days, so his conditioning and legs are essentially gone. So, Durant can’t come back and be the same player, because he hasn’t been allowed on his legs to move in the gym. This means he’s also played his last game with the Golden State Warriors – if they decide to not rush him back.

However, the team is expected to get DeMarcus Cousins before game three of the NBA Finals. We’re not sure how Boogie’s conditioning has been, but much like KD, he’s also been off his feet. Saturday night, we saw DeMarcus practicing in warm ups, which should be an indication that he’s about two weeks away from returning.

As Golden State gets ready to potentially sweep the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday night, they’ll need all the rest they can get before playing game 1 next Thursday.

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