An Insider’s Look at the LeBron James vs. Jeanie Buss Controversy

Won’t win this one king. . .

Nearly three years ago, when we first started hinting at LeBron James going to Los Angeles (way before ESPN and Fox); he was already plotting next franchise he could ruin next. Before this LeBron to LA movement started gaining steam, PHIL JACKSON was the first person that warned his former fiancé about the load management baggage that comes with the man from Akron.

She didn’t listen, as Magic Johnson convinced her to ink him to a four-year deal, worth over $154 million. Luckily for the team, they managed to ensure that he didn’t get a no trade clause, in case anything didn’t go right. Well, everything has gone to hell for the largest basketball franchise in the world, as the Lakers will not be making the post-season next month.

Internally, the team was having a power-struggle with leaked information, as well as other GMs having a hatred for LeBron. Before the New Orleans Pelicans fired their GM a few weeks ago, he wasn’t doing the deal with Los Angeles because it was the Lakers. It was strictly because of LeBron and him strong-arming other teams for talent in years past. So, when the team failed to trade for Anthony Davis, everything came a head with LeBron and Rich Paul vs. Jeanie Buss.

Prior to arriving in Hollywood, Bron thought he would have control of the team; since he didn’t take Jeanie’s opinion on player movements seriously. However, after the initial trade information leaked, she allegedly blamed Klutch Sports for the incident – causing a rift in the locker room.

Following a phone call with Rich Paul, the two eventually cooled things over, after he explained that it wasn’t them who put out the trade rumor. Everything was smoothed out last month, with Los Angeles having hopes of making a last run at playoff contention this year.

Every time you see Jeanie in the public eye now, sitting court side, that is a message to LeBron on who has has authority. This is something he’s never had to encounter in his professional career.

Unfortunately, the team fell into another losing skid, with James calling it quits on the season. This led to Jeanie letting information leak, just last week, that the team was considering trading LeBron in the off-season. This infuriated James, who quickly found out that Jeanie was the only person in charge. Unlike Cleveland and Miami, who’ve never had a consistent championship winning culture in the past; the King won’t be able to strong arm his celebrity in Hollywood for team control.

Ms. Buss used the trade rumors of LeBron as a message to him, to let Klutch Sports know that she’s the only one making final decisions now. So, before the Anthony Davis trade information became public, Jeanie was allowing Magic and Rob Pelinka (with Kobe Bryant) to make internal basketball decisions. In a few weeks, when the season is over, LeBron and Jeanie are planning to sit down and have a state of the Lakers discussion among themselves.

This season, was just testing things out and having LeBron adjust to being on the best side (sup Legend). If James is ready to play ball, expect Los Angeles to have a press conference and immediately land big names in the off-season. This could be the likes of DeAndre Jordan returning to Los Angeles and Klay Thompson; who’s rumored to want to retire in purple and gold.

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