EXCLUSIVE: An Update on the Andre Iguodala & Memphis Grizzlies Buyout Situation

Now Portland. . .

So, with the trade deadline approaching in a few weeks, we’ve been hit with more intel regarding the Andre Iguodala situation with the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies, who have been holding Iggy hostage, are still looking for a trade partner and aren’t looking to buy him out.

During the initial trade with the Golden State Warriors last summer, the Grizz wanted Andre to report to the camp. However, Iggy refused to show up, which caused friction with himself and the front office of the Grizzlies. Memphis planned for Iguodala to mentor their youth, but he didn’t want to sacrifice his final year in the league playing limited minutes.

Andre essentially wanted to get a buyout immediately, but lost his chances by not showing up to camp. We’re hearing that Iggy doesn’t want to go to the Lakers, but has a preference for the Clippers.

It’s unclear if the Clipps will give up anything to disrupt team chemistry, but the Portland Trail Blazers have emerged as the likely destination for him. Since signing Melo just two weeks ago, the team has gone on a three-game winning streak, as the look to get above .500 by the month’s end.

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