Why the Anthony Davis Achilles Situation Should be a Cause of Concern for Other NBA Teams

Like that, Bron Bron?. . . .

Following their Disney Championship victory in the bubble last fall, the Los Angeles Lakers did some extra celebrating. This lasted until a few weeks before the start of the season in December. So much, that LeBron and company wanted to sit out multiple games before the start right before X-Mas.

However, with the league losing so much revenue and drawing a lack of interest to the point where regular season NFL games were on par with the NBA Finals (lowest ever); no one could avoid to miss anytime. This was evident earlier in the year when Klay Thomson suffered a torn right Achilles tendon, from over-preparing this season.

Now, Anthony Davis hasn’t been taking training as serious as he should, including being around LeBron James the entire off-season. Last night, AD missed his first of many games with a right Achilles tendinitis setback. While the Los Angeles Lakers aren’t publicly addressing the situation, the team is set to see several key match-ups in the coming days.

After barely getting by the OKC Thunder last night, in a double-overtime game; it’s only a matter of time before they get in panic mode. If you remember, Kevin Durant suffered this same setback before he blew his Achilles with the Golden State Warriors in 2019. Lack of rest and training all contributed to the situation; as we’re hopeful they give him up to a month to properly heal his body.

Now, why is this concerning to other teams around the league? Because, nobody has had rest and didn’t know the 2021 season would be starting so soon. Most were under the impression that a start date wouldn’t happen until mid-February, which is right now. With many franchises losing money, players are in panic mode for spots and have sever anxiety over their future.

Like Anthony Davis, a large bulk of the guys returned out of shape and were not use to short turn-around; which is the fastest in NBA history. If a superstar like Anthony Davis gets hurt, this will put insane heat on the front offices of the NBA from the Players Union.

Luckily for Adam Silver and team owners, the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn’t expire until the 2024 season. So, things can get repaired before a possible lockout. Let us know in the comments what you think.

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