Could Anthony Davis & Russell Westbrook Link Up in LA With the Lakers?


Remember when the New Orleans Pelicans were on the brink of being a forced to be reckoned with in the Western Conference for years to come? With new coach Alvin Gentry, some solid pieces around The Brow and new excitement in the city, the Pels were supposed to be dominating right now. But that was a few seasons ago when they made the cut for the playoffs and were blown out in the first round by the Golden State Warriors. Now they’re in the midst of another rebuild.

Injuries to Anthony Davis, Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday and Quincy Pondexter made them a lottery team for two years running and it doesn’t look good for the foreseeable future.

The worst part is, they traded first round picks, so they couldn’t even cash in when they were tanking on accident. It’s been frustrating for them, to say the least.

After reading about where the front office went wrong, a tidbit raised our eyebrows a bit.

Thad Foucher of the Wasserman Media Group, the same agency that represents Russell Westbrook, is Davis’ agent. A source close to Davis’ agent floated the possibility that the end game could find the two uniting in Los Angeles with the talent-starved Lakers. Those kind of rumors are the ones that expand into panic when a team flails like the Pelicans have in the last two seasons.

While a longshot, Los Angeles Lakers fans have been clamoring for Russell Westbrook ever since Kevin Durant left for Dub Nation. We’ve seen Russ completely tear up the league this year with his triple doubles this season, but it’s been an increased sentiment around the league that the only way he is going to win is with another superstar and never by himself.

If Davis stayed healthy, the possibility of these two playing on the same team would be ridiculous. A dynasty would be a reach, but definitely a scary squad.


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