Antonio Brown Exposed Colin Kaepernick for Taking NFL Hush Money & Why Nobody Highlighted It

Antonio Brown Calls Out Colin Kaepernick NFL Hush Money

Antonio Brown brings light to Kaep taking the bag. . .

Before Jay-Z eventually took the bag from Roger Goodell in hopes of owning a team one day, Colin Kaepernick was held as the face of the Black Live Matter movement.

This led to a public backlash of Jay-Z, including reports leaking out that BLM-founder Patrisse Cullors wasn’t properly using the money she helped raise for inner-city neighborhoods.

At the time, Kaepernick and the NFL signed a confidential agreement, where neither party would discuss past occurrences ever again. Yes, Colin Kaepernick will never be legally allowed to discuss the NFL again in a bad light, after they paid him millions to keep quiet.

Last week, exiled NFL superstar, Antonio Brown, brought attention back to Kaep’s major decision that didn’t receive the same backlash Jay-Z did.

Take a look at the footage and breakdown below.

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