Ben Simmons Impresses for His 2017 Philadelphia 76ers Debut

Unfortunately, last season, we didn’t get to see the magic of Ben Simmons on the NBA court. He got injured before any of that could happen and he sat out the entire year.

He’s back now, though.

The hyped up youngster showed out a bit against the Memphis Grizzlies in his Philadelphia 76ers debut this season, putting up 6 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists, 1 block. He was making dazzling passes and going hard at the hoop, looking and healthy and confident heading into the season.

The Sixers still need work, but considering they’re in the Eastern Conference, they might fuck around and battle for a playoff spot if they reach potential.

OS REWIND: Ben Simmons Showing Off His Dunk Skills at 76ers Practice

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