EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn Nets, JAY-Z Planning More Trades after James Harden Blockbuster Deal

It’s finally happened. . .

Brooklyn Nets adding players following James Harden trade. For whatever reason, the Houston Rockets got stubborn and let this James Harden situation linger into the regular season for almost a month. With the team starting the season with a losing record; last night’s press conference was the ice breaker that led to the Rockets making the tough decision.

This morning, we received a text from an anonymous source that Harden was officially getting traded this week. After talks being stagnant over the off-season, Houston finally facilitated a four-team trade that got them Victor Oladipo and 8 future first-round picks. However, they made the horrible decision of trading Caris LeVert to the Pacers, which would’ve helped them.

Now, with Harden finally in his new home of Brooklyn with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving; many are expecting them to face the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. With the team losing their bench today, the Nets are aggressively making plans to acquire more talent to beef up their roster.

Today, they lost Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince, and Rodions Kurucs; as they are now missing key pieces to have on the bench for the playoffs. With JAY-Z sending both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to the Nets over the last two years, his team is all in this year. CHAMPIONSHIP or BUST.

This means the Nets will be making more moves before the March 25 deadline; in hopes of creating a true contender. At the moment, they’re not a favorite to win anything, based on their bench. However, with more pieces added, that belief will immediately change.

With the Nets having three open roster sports, we’re hearing they’re adding at least one more major player. In our opinion, one of the non-major players they should add can be Lance Stephenson.

The Spencer Dinwiddie injury literally changed their entire season; which we’ll find out if it was for the better or worse. Let us know in the comments what you think of the trade, and how it’s team of Roc Nation Sports members will compete this summer in the playoffs.

Brooklyn Nets Harden Trade Breakdown

Nets get:
James Harden

Rockets get:
Victor Oladipo
Dante Exum
Rodions Kurucs
3 BKN first-rounders
1 MIL first
4 BKN 1st-round swaps

Pacers get:
Caris LeVert

Cavs get:
Jarrett Allen
Taurean Prince

Rockets draft breakdown:
3 BKN first-rounders (22, 24, 26), 1 MIL first (22, unprotected), 4 BKN 1st round swaps (21, 23, 25, 27)

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