EXCLUSIVE: Why Brooklyn Nets Are Disgruntled after LeBron Responded to Kyrie Telling Truth About KD

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If you remember in 2018, almost exactly two years ago, Kevin Durant cited the environment around LeBron James is toxic. While he clarified that he was speaking about the media and everything that would come playing alongside acclaimed King of the NBA; the damage was already done. It’s to the point where the two are no longer friends, as they haven’t been seen off the court in years.

A large part of that is contributed to Kevin Durant hindering the progression of LeBron’s championship legacy, as the Golden State Warriors run decreased his record on the biggest stage. A few weeks ago, Kyrie Irving said this was the first time in his career, where he felt the second superstar on his team could hit the game-winning shot.

This was an obvious slight to LeBron, who’s sadly never hit the big shot during the NBA Finals. The King immediately changed the narrative and said he was hurt by those comments and didn’t attempt to publicly attack his former teammate. So, per usual, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (as well as James Harden) are presented as the bad guys for speaking their truth.

For those of you who don’t know or still believe Santa Clause is real, the NBA is predetermined with who they want to win. This is for revenue generation, ratings and ticket sales for the multi-billion-dollar company. From a business aspect, we under their need to keep LeBron in the NBA Finals, because he’s the most popular athlete in America.

However, as a fan and traditional watcher of the game, it’s annoying. This is why the Brooklyn Nets are disgruntled with their situation, as they now have to put up a detour and block the planned Los Angeles Lakers vs. Milwaukee Bucks NBA Finals series for 2021.

With the league’s season set to continue into the summer, Durant and Kyrie are against the odds; with sabotaging on the court and in free agency. Giannis Antetokounmpo also got this same sabotage with the Bogdan Bogdanović trade a few weeks ago, which didn’t come through in the clutch. That would’ve propelled the Milwaukee Bucks into clear cut favorites in the east.

Take a look at media below.

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