EXCLUSIVE: Why Brooklyn Nets Only Want JaVale McGee & Where Kevin Love is Heading

still plotting moves. . .

Last week, reports surfaced that the Brooklyn Nets were looking to add JaVale McGee and Kevin Love. During the James Haden trade, McGee was originally set to be included in the deal; but we don’t know what happened.

Now, with the Cleveland Cavaliers holding a fire sale this winter, which will include the departure of Andre Drummond (likely Toronto); more information has been brought our way. Kevin Love has been adamant about going to the Brooklyn Nets, as he wants to spend his last good years on a championship contender; but that won’t be possible.

With LeBron leaving Love for dead in the land, nothing would make us happier than seeing him and Kyrie beat the King in the Finals this year. However, that looks unlikely, with the Nets not willing to part with one player. Due to Love’s health concerns, the team was asked to include Joe Harris in an initial deal for love.

Brooklyn’s management has cited that Joe will not be included in any trade for Love; as the Golden State Warriors have been making inquiries for Kevin. Before the start of the season, Kevin Love was supposed to be a Warrior, with the team trading away Andrew Wiggins in the process.

It’s not too far from his home in Los Angeles and family members who live all throughout California. On the west coast, Love would have a comfort level and a better superstar surrounding him in San Francisco.

We’re still shocked he’s been in Cleveland this long, with that marriage possibly coming to an end to start era of Collin Sexton. In San Francisco, Love will be paired up with Steph Curry, James Wiseman and Klay Thompson next season; with the team hopefully getting rid of their mole, Draymond Green.

As far as the Nets, they’re all in this year and getting McGee will immediately fill their void of paint presence on the defense end. Considering he won’t be asked of anything on the offensive end, except catch a lob, he’ll be in the perfect situation. They’re still missing two more wing-defenders for those last two roster spots after JaVale.

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