Cam Newton Celebrated With The Dab After Touchdown & Titans Got Mad

Hit ’em With The DAB!

Cam Newton is in the running for MVP this season and it’s apparent that his heroics are carrying the Carolina Panthers to a franchise best start with their 9-0 record.

Today against the Tennessee Titans, Cam made another spectacular play, extending for a touchdown and his celebration was one that the opposing side didn’t appreciate. After scoring on the 2-yard rush, Cam proceeded to dab in the end zone and was approached by Avery Williamson, who didn’t like his TD dance. Cam went on to taunt him some more even after being told shit right in his face, finishing the dab as the referees held back more Titans players approaching the situation before it got out of control. That’s some G shit from Newton right there.

Killa Cam ended the game throwing 21/26 for 217 yards on the day, throwing for one touchdown and then rushing for another (above) in today’s victory.

After the game, Williamson was asked about the incident and he responded:

“I don’t like it personally. You saw my reaction to it. He wants to be the man, so he wants to celebrate because he scored. But I don’t personally go for that stuff.”

Newton also had some words to say about what happened:

“I heard somebody say we’re not going to allow you to do that, but I’m a firm believer if you don’t like me to do it then don’t let me in [the end zone].”

FINAL: CAR 27 | TEN 10

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