EXCLUSIVE: Carmelo Anthony is on the Verge of Joining Brooklyn Nets & Contract Discussion Details Emerge

Ya’ll know that girl gotta family. . .

Over the last few weeks, Carmelo Anthony has been on an image rebuilding campaign, citing that he’s not ready to retire from the game of basketball. Now, the future first-ballot hall-of-famer is officially on the verge of joining the Brooklyn Nets, before the start of training camp.

Allegedly, JAY-Z, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (his friends) are all in favor of Melo returning home to NYC for the Nets. However, we’ve been told that the Nets management only wants to give him a one-year deal, as a test trial.

Anthony is seeking a two-year deal with the team, which has held up the deal from becoming official. We’re assuming both sides will come to an agreement of a two-year deal, with the second being a team option.

Considering Melo was playing great basketball before his surprising exit from the Houston Rockets last year; it’s likely that he’ll be seeing significant time alongside Kyrie in 2020.

Since Kevin Durant will be out the entire season, Melo feels the team can reach the NBA Finals and win a championship with a complete roster.

In related news, we also heard this weekend, that LeBron James and the Lakers allegedly reached out to Melo. However, Anthony said he wouldn’t be returning to the western conference and wants to be near his son.

Look for more details to publicly emerge in the coming days.

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